• 2022
  • 2023
  • 1 Entry Limitation

    PDC asian events open to all Asian players age over 16. Players who turn 16 shall be eligible to enter PDC asian events once their 16th birthday has passed.


    In order to implement a consistent global position in respect of players' eligibility to enter events by virtue of nationality, the PDC would like to clarify its position on the matter as follows:


    A player who wishes to participate in a PDC or PDC-affiliated event where nationality is a determining factor for eligibility must prove the following in order to satisfy the PDC's criteria for nationality:

    • The player was born in that nation; OR

    • The player holds a valid passport for that nation; OR

    • The player has continuous residency (defined as their primary or permanent home in the nation) for five consecutive years immediately preceding the date of the relevant event;

    • In cases where a player is holding dual citizenship, the player will be required to determine their primary nationality at the time of entering the relevant event and may not then change nationality for a period of five years;

    • In cases where a qualifying event is being staged by a local PDC-affiliated organisation, the PDC's eligibility rules shall take precedence over those of the local organisation in respect of whether a player is permitted to enter the event or not.  In contentious cases, the player's eligibility must be approved in writing by the PDC before the player is permitted to participate in the event. A player who enters an event and is subsequently denied permission to participate for reasons of eligibility of their nationality shall be entitled to a refund of their entry fee but no further liability shall be accepted by the PDC or its affiliate organisation.


    This ruling has been implemented following consultation with the PDPA and both the PDC and PDPA are aware that there are a large number of unique and specific cases regarding player nationalities.

    Therefore, the PDC reserves the right to alter or adapt this ruling at its sole discretion in the interests of fairness and sporting integrity.


    2 Entry Fee

    $70USD One Tour, $120 Two Tours and $150 Three Tours plus 5% Paypal Transaction fee.

    Entry will be closed on March 8th or whenever reach the 256 players maximum limitation. Entry fee must be prepaid. Onsite payment is not acceptable. 

    All International players must entry from PDC Asia website: https://www.pdc-asia.tv. Local players could make payment via the local organizer. Players entry list will be published on the PDC Asia website as confirmation.

    3 Entry procedure

    1)   Please fill out the entry form and click the submit button.

    2)   After submitting the entry form, you will receive an automated email, please check the content.

    3)   You will receive a payment email for your entry fee within three working days. Please follow the procedure to complete the payment.

    4)   Confirmed Entry list will post on PDC Asia Facebook page.

    5)   There will be no refunds of the entry fees.

    6)   Please be aware that NO entries on the day of the event will be accepted.

    7)   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email: entry@pdc-asia.tv

    4 Visa invitation letter

    If players want visa application letters, please contact: info@pdj.co.jp with information such as your name appear on passport, passport number, date of birth and your travel schedule.

    5 Registration/Check in on each day

    Players need to register each day on Saturday and Sunday before 9:30 AM with your valid ID (ID photo is acceptabe).

    If you do not register you will not be in the draw for that day.

    08.00 - Doors Open

    08.00 - 09.30 Registration for the first event of the day

    09:30 - Registration closes, and the draw will be displayed on the DartConnect

    09:50 - Opening Ceremony

    10:00 - Toe the oche

    12:30 if you are ony in the event 2 of the day, you must register by this time, if you are in both events, you will be automatically registered for both events when you first register.

    All the semi-finalists will be asked to take a "Green Screen Picture" before matches. Please allow extra time in order to facilitate these requirements.