• 2022
  • 1 Playing Format

    Steel-tip 501 Singles: 

    Asian Series Qualifiers 01 - 04:  Best of 7 legs (open draw)

    Asian Championship:

    Last 48 (split into 16 groups of three, Round Robin):   Best of 9 legs (open draw)

    Last 16:  Best of 9 legs

    Quarter-Finals:  Best of 11 legs

    Semi-Finals:  Best of 11 legs

    Final:  Best of 13 legs

    The tournament will be played under the rules of the Darts Regulation Authority (DRA) including the Code of Conduct. Each player will receive nine practice darts before their match start. All games will be straight start, finish on a double and the bull will count as double 25. The burst rule will apply in all matches. All matches will be straight knockout.

    The player on the left of the draw will throw first for the bull. The player who wins the bull will have the option to throw first in the opening leg, and players will then throw first in alternate legs.

    Only darts which land within the inner or outer bull will count – should both players fail to hit the inner or outer bull they will throw again until they can be separated. The first dart will be removed in all instances of throwing for the bull.

    The draws will be made by PDC Asia Tournament Director following the deadline for registration/check in for each event and displayed on the large screens at the venue.

    It is the players' responsibility to be at their board at the correct time. Please keep your eye on the schedule and when you are due to play. The PDC Asia reserves the right to amend the schedule of play if necessary; any amendments will be posted on the website and in the venue.

    Except the first round, there will be no calls for players and any player not at the board to play their matches will be eliminated from the competition and will not be entitled to any refunds or compensation for any expense incurred in entry fee, travel or accommodation.

    2 Marking

    PDC Asian events will operate on a loser marks basis, so please make sure you are available to mark the next game if you lose, you may also be asked to mark the first game on the board so be aware and check if this is you.

    All players who do not mark are subject to disciplinary action, and could be eliminated from the event or be denied entry to future events.

    Should any player be unable to mark for any genuine reason then it is that players’ responsibility to find someone to mark for them before they play their game in order that the person chosen is ready to mark in place of the defeated player.

    Any person chosen to be the substitute marker must be properly dressed as per the tournament rules is. No jeans, trainers or uncollared shirts. The PDC takes the issue of marking very seriously and any player not carrying out their duty in the manner described above will not have any further applications to any PDC event entertained.

    3 Live Streaming

    Live Streaming will cover all Asian Series and Asian Championship matches playing on stage on PDCTV .